Insightscare magazine named Santovia among ‘The 10 Leading Patient Engagement Solution Providers in 2018. This is an annual award presented to leaders in patient engagement and its rapidly growing space. Insightscare magazine has determined that Santovia has the services that can effectively and economically improve a healthcare organization and its patients.  

Santovia provides targeted patient education, and resources that promote shared decision-making, and better outcomes. Santovia’s patient education platform provides an unrivalled breadth and depth in both written and video content. Santovia integrates surveys that give deep insights into each patient’s experience of care and how their treatment is progressing. 

Santovia is accessible directly from the providers’ EMRs and content can be viewed through patient portals, health apps and printed at the point of care. 

Its surveys are used by healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction through rapid feedback. Santovia also supports patient reported outcomes by measuring recovery and keeping track of how patients are progressing. The need for better patient engagement has never been higher, and with more people than ever using technology, the fundamentals are falling into place for Santovia.  

Santovia is the only solution that brings all these approaches together in one package. The Santovis platform aligns all healthcare participants towards a common goal: to achieve the highest quality care in an efficient and cost-contained environment. “Everybody wins. Patients, and providers all benefit from Santovia. We listen and act on their feedback.” asserts Fiona Calnan CEO of Santovia.

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