An integrated 
all-inclusive health engagement platform
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Save time on every encounter
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An integrated 
all-inclusive health engagement platform

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Save time on every encounter

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For Providers

Santovia’s time-saving solution automatically delivers your targeted patient-specific education, including conditions, procedures, tests and medications integrated into Electronic Medical Records (EMR), portals, and optimized for mobile devices

Best in class content providers EBSCO Health , Viewmedica, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Enhanced Shared Decision Making with EBSCO Health Option Grid™ Decision Aids

Your surveys: customized, anytime, anywhere

Patient-reported outcomes, functional surveys, health questionnaires

Easy-to-follow physical therapy videos to support rehabilitation and recovery

Customized provider education

Administrative tools with real-time reporting

Bringing your educational videos and surveys into exam rooms, bedside and patient homes

Our partners

“Santovia, integrated into eCW, created a prescription for personalized patient education/decision making and provided PrimaCARE an efficient tool for continuous improvement of the patient experience”

Dr. Martin Fogle | PrimaCare

Shared Decision Making

Santovia has partnered with EBSCO Health and their evidence-based Option Grid™ to provide the best shared decision tools in the industry.


For physicians who want to educate and inform patients, and engage them as part of the decision-making process, in an easy and intuitive way.

For physician groups that want to improve patient experiences and engagement and be ahead of the curve.

For providers that want and easy to use engagement platform, that educates patients with a fun, interactive design.


Providing patients with condition specific education allows them to engage in their healthcare pathway. Research shows that engaged, activated patients have better outcomes.

With technology solutions in place today, it has never been easier to empower people to track, manage and improve their own and their family’s health.

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