The Urgent Care Clinic of Lincoln is the largest Urgent Care facility in Lincoln Nebraska. It was looking for a patient education provider that would: 

  • integrate with its EMR
  • provide high quality patient education direct to patients
  • save time during each patient encounter
  • document all information provided for quality control
  • prove cost effective

Operating for 14 years, the center has grown to four full-time providers, five part-time providers, and see 24,000 patient visits per year out of a single location. It’s owner, Dr. Rice, describes his clinic as “the UPS of Medicine”, commenting that “we are probably one of the most tech savvy and efficient medical practices in the entire region. Anything we do, buy, or embrace is done with a lot of thought on how it will deliver better patient care and do it in a cost-efficient manner.”

In discussions with Santovia, Dr Rice explained that “patient education is an important necessity but can be an arduous, time-consuming process. You must find the right topic, make sure it is relevant and accurate, check it is in the correct patient language and ensure the information is logged for quality control purposes. These things eat time on every patient encounter.”

When the Urgent Care Clinic of Lincoln switched from their old vendor to Santovia, the staff noticed an immediate improvement in patient flow. According to Dr. Rice, “The user interface window was incredibly well designed. The Santovia portal seamlessly ties into the Urgent Care Clinic’s medical record system making it easy to remain paperless. It pulls the proper handout and documents the delivery to the patient.”

“We had used other third party educational providers and by far, Santovia is far superior. They clearly “get us” and our needs. One cool feature is that it automatically pulls information for the patient on past diagnoses and visits, making a list of recommended reading on the patient’s secure patient profile. The Santovia system also incorporates bilingual videos for those who may have difficulty reading. Patients can take the materials with them or we can put the content on our patient portal for them to read any time they wish.”

“We had searched for a new provider for many years, so it was nice to see a proactive company like Santovia step up and address all of our concerns.” Dr. Rice said the feedback from both staff and patients has been very positive reaffirming they made the correct choice in partnering with Santovia.

“Santovia has been amazingly swift at adapting to our needs and making adjustments in their system. Hands down, they have been the best patient education company to work with.”

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