Patient education platforms can be critical to improving patient outcomes. Among the top health education companies is physician-founded Santovia. Through evidence-based adult and pediatric education, innovative design, and real-time reporting, this health technology is transforming patient engagement. Santovia’s time-saving solution delivers targeted patient-specific education, including conditions, procedures, tests, and medications integrated into Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and portals, and optimized for mobile devices.

Physician practices, health systems, and employers/insurers who are seeking best-in-class health education technology can benefit from Santovia’s offerings to ensure optimal outcomes.

What Sets Santovia Apart?

 Santovia stands apart from other patient education companies with the following cutting-edge and innovative offerings:

Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)  

Combining Santovia’s solutions with EHRs allows for real-world implementation and delivery of quality evidence-based with patients. Administrative tools with real-time reporting also allow for improved patient care.

Curated Content

Santovia takes feedback from providers across the country to create curated carousels that immediately meet the needs of patients based on the ICD10 code entered into the patient record.  This reduces the search and selection process as the key materials are available at the touch of a button during a patient visit.

Supports Various Learning Styles

The days of handing out one piece of printed patient educational content at the end of a visit are no longer sufficient.  Providers need integrated, trusted educational materials that support the various learning styles of their patients.  Santovia’s technology and curated, targeted content make it easy to quickly send multiple pieces of evidence-based, educational mixed media content that incorporate written and video formats.  This allows patients to view the materials at home using their own preferred mode of learning.

Quality Customer Service 

At Santovia, we pride ourselves on offering first-rate customer service to each and every one of our patients. Don’t just take out word for it; read this amazing review from one of our clients, Adam Borruso FNP-C with Chapa De Indian Health.

“Let me start by saying I have used multiple educational products as well as evaluated other products and Santovia has been the best experience both for us as clinicians as well as for our clients. They have a great mix of videos and handouts that allow for different learning and learning styles. They allow for customization of what it is that you need for your patients as well as for specialties. They provide AMAZING customer service to us consistently over the years of use with the ability to add and change handouts which have been very helpful in our ever-changing healthcare environment. If you are looking for a product that is willing to change and meet your needs as well as something that provides engaging education for your patients, then Santovia is for you and your patients.”

Got Kids? We’ve Got You Covered

Santovia’s offering includes the American Academy of Pediatrics handouts which means providers can electronically share the much-wanted Bright Futures, VIS sheets, TIPP sheets, and much more. 

Share Video Content via QR code

We are proud to offer QR codes for clinical and patient use. The extensive video library that is matched to each ICD10 code also has a QR functionality that allows the provider to share the video of their choice within seconds directly onto a patient’s phone during the assessment.

Physical Therapy Videos

Easy-to-follow physical therapy videos are available to patients to support rehabilitation and quicker recovery following surgery, injury, or other conditions.

Survey Features

Assignable PRO surveys allow providers to track progress and adjust care plans.  This joins our patient experience surveys that patients can complete when viewing their education.

Learn More Today

Patient activation, or the skills and confidence that equip patients to become actively engaged in their health care, makes a significant impact on health outcomes, costs, and patient experience. This is why we facilitate patient education to help improve the overall provider-patient experience. If you are interested in learning more about Santovia and how it can be beneficial to your practice or health system, visit today.

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