Quality patient education solution systems are key to improving the provider-patient relationship and providing quality, trustworthy education materials to the patient. There is an array of things a provider should consider when choosing a new patient education solution to support their practice and to help educate their patients about their conditions, including the following.

Quality and Integration

First, any solution should be HIPAA compliant to securely protect patient information. For all-around security, the delivery system should also share the educational materials with patients via a secure patient portal or app.

Next, the system should be seamlessly integrated into the provider’s day-to-day workflow and connected to the organization’s electronic medical record. The platform should meet the needs of the practice’s patient cohort and use quality, evidence-based materials. These materials should be customizable and support providers who wish to share their own content and videos with their patients.

Easy-to-Understand Content

Patient education systems should recognize the literacy issues among patients and ensure that the content provided avoids overusing medical jargon and breaks down information into concrete steps. It is also important to consider the patient’s learning style. Many patients have different learning styles, as some may prefer to watch videos while others thrive with written material.

To cater to all individuals’ needs, content should also support multiple languages, and printed materials ought to be available in both small and large fonts.

Education for All Ages

Patient education is a crucial element of disease management programs for the elderly population, so ensure the platform provides educational content that supports patients throughout the progression of their chronic disease. For pediatric and family practices, the system should deliver content that meets the needs of children under 18 years of age and parents.

Santovia’s Key Features

Santovia offers patient education materials based on healthcare research to assist with not only education but also the decision-making process regarding treatment and/or surgery. Santovia’s curated content links directly into the ICD10 codes entered in the EMR and reduces the amount of time providers have to spend searching and selecting education. In turn, this saves time during each patient visit.

Written & Video Education

Health education videos and written materials make it easy for patients to follow at-home instructions, learn more about how to manage their health condition, the benefits of treatment plans, and understand what to expect from surgical procedures for improved health outcomes. Our quality, evidence-based patient education materials are great resources for patients of all ages.

Advantages of Written Education

Written patient education is a fantastic way to provide patients with crucial information to understand their health conditions. Written resources guide those living with an array of conditions, as well as empower individuals to actively participate in their healthcare decisions. Santovia also offers written content in normal and larger print sizes. You can even print our written education material for a hard copy.

Advantages of Video Education

An effective video can be a very impactful resource for patients, helping them to retain what they have learned. Plus, videos are flexible as they can be watched at home, in the doctor’s office, or in the hospital, without supervision. Because each patient learns differently, videos provide easy understanding to help them make the right health decisions.

Easy-to-Follow PT Exercises

Santovia offers easy-to-understand Physical Therapy (PT) videos that follow each exercise. This allows patients instructions on how to properly perform their PT at home on their own time.

Favorites and Customizable Content

Santovia’s “Favorite” functionality stores lists of favorite content by provider and allows others to see the list of other users.  Many providers are also now creating their own video content and written materials for their patients, which can be shared on our platform.

Meet the Needs of Families from Young to Old

Santovia has evidence-based content that supports all age groups. We recognize that pediatrician access to the American Academy of Pediatrics content is important, and we are pleased to offer this as a service to our users.  Also, for older patients, the Santovia chronic conditions curated content supports patients as their illness progresses.

Multiple Languages

Santovia’s patient education is available in multiple languages, so people from around the world can read, watch, and understand our content.

Additional Services Include Surveys and Decision-Support Tools

Santovia incorporates excellent decision aids such as our Option Grids and also integrates a great survey tool and assignable PRO surveys.  These additional tools allow providers to track progress and adjust care plans to everyone’s unique needs.  Personalized healthcare can ultimately result in better outcomes. Patients can also complete their patient experience surveys when viewing their education.

Learn More Today

Overall, there is much to gain from quality patient education. At Santovia, we are dedicated to continuing to provide easy-access, HIPAA-compliant educational content that individuals can engage with. We provide health information to engage patients in their own healthcare journey.

We believe that making informed decisions about your health is key to improving health outcomes. To learn more about how Santova can transform the patient education experience or request a demo, visit today.




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