Santovia at Sister Cities Health Technology in Boston

October, 2016

Fiona Calnan, our CEO, is today speaking at the Sister Cities Health Technology Event in Boston (19th Oct). This event focuses on the experiences, challenges and opportunities for health technology companies in Boston, Belfast and Nashville. These cities want to improve health outcomes, promote wellness and grow the economy. The event looks at the opportunities of delivering healthcare and wellness through emerging technology and digital sectors. Fiona previously built and ran award winning surgical facilities in the UK working to fixed price per procedure contracts. Her innovative use of technology and strong patient engagement was a key factor to the success of those facilities. Fiona will draw lessons from those experiences for the new emerging bundled payment model here in the US.

Santovia was founded to enable organizations to enhance their patient engagement processes. It draws on insights about the importance of visual learning and patients can access the system though all platforms with an optimized mobile experience.


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